Comments from Phuzzy Guide users just like you:

"Armed with Phuzzy's how-to on squidly behavior, I headed out at lunch for a
little ride and did my first stoppies!  I only got the back tire off the
ground by about 1 foot but it was still pretty cool.  Now I need to work on
the weelies.  I haven't intentionally tired to wheelie yet though I do get
the front tire a couple inches off the ground at WFO in 1st.
Thanks for the write up Phuzzy!"

 "How do you think I get so much action?  Wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts
drive the chicks wild!"

-Bill C. (Washington, D.C.)

"I can't believe that bikes come with two wheels!  After reading Phuzzy's
Guides, I only use one at any given time!  My hair also grew back and my
increased in length by 4.3 inches!"

-Bill G. (Seattle, Washington)

"Phuzzy, I want to have your baby!"

-E. MacPhereson (Australia)

"I read Phuzzy's Guide to Wheelies, and now I don't even have a front wheel
on my bike and I sleep with a different woman every night!"

- Pat McCrotch, Squidville, Tennessee

"My Goldwing wheelies so good I had to remove the rear fender!  Thanks,

- Bob Knobb, Lubbock, Texas

"This Guide to Wheelies is so irresponsible.  How DARE you suggest that
motorcycles can be ridden on one wheel?  There's a special place in HELL for
people like you!"

-Mary Jane Rottencrotch, Prudence, New York

With Phuzzy's Guide to Wheelies, you will learn how to mono a bike easily and
safely, and your life will never be the same.